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     With the continuous improvement since company foundation in 1997, Hung Tri has been recognized as the leader in supplying Refrigeration, Air Conditioning equipment and Technical services.


     Preferred by domestic and international customers as the best partner for supplying refrigeration and
     air conditioning services with high quality and effectiveness.


     To bring highest profit to customers and society with flexible solutions.
     Our daily motto for:

  • Customer: Always do the best to comply with various requirement and take effectiveness to customer.
  • Business partner: Always appreciate the long-term relationship based on the understanding, sharing together to bring mutual benefit.
  • Staff: The precious property of the company is our staff. The profit brought to each staff is one of our development objectives.
  • Shareholders and investors: We appreciate the rights of shareholders and investors on time, precisely,clearly and aim to bring profit to shareholders and investors from our business activities.
  • Society: Positively contribute to social development and protect the environment.